Dear Friends,

Brought to life on September 5, 2013, the Long Island Coalition Against Bullying was founded on a sentiment best echoed in a quote that President John F. Kennedy never got to deliver: “This country is moving and it must not stop. For this is a time for courage and a time for challenge. Neither conformity nor complacency will do.” Fifty years later, under a different context these words still reign true.


We at LICAB recognize that this is a country in motion, and it must not stop. We will show courage in the face of the challenges represented by bullying, and we will not conform to the idea that it cannot be stopped nor will we become complacent in our efforts.

While we have come so far, thanks to the efforts of those before us, the same intolerable examples of bullying that have gotten us to this point are sobering reminders of just how far we still have yet to go. Each and every day it seems we hear of another tragic incident of bullying on the evening news or in our local papers. These stories, as terrible as they are individually, are only a sample of the many more that never make the headlines.

Through our development of programs, we will increase the awareness on the topic of bullying, as well as providing different outlets to help and support both those who suffer from social intolerance, as well as those who cause it. It is our hope that our efforts will bring a sense of calm and peace to our communities.

Bullying is a road block for many children as they embark on their paths of success and happiness. We ask that you join us. This is our Island and it is in our communities where this conflict is taking place. Step up and help the coalition. Strength comes in numbers and together we can defeat it.



Joseph A. Salamone
Executive Director