What Does LICAB Do?

Funded entirely by private donations, fundraising efforts and generous grants, The Long Island Coalition Against Bullying offers a variety of programs and services.

Please call LICAB at (516) 777-7709 to discuss any of the programs we offer.


Smile Package

Care packages that are sent to a bullied individual tailored towards the individuals hobbies, interests, personality, favorite things, etc. in an effort to let them know that they are not alone and that they deserve to SMILE. Packages are created based on a request from a family friend, relative, parent, teacher etc. and the requester’s name can remain anonymous if he or she chooses.

Subsidized Therapy

Often, victims of bullying do not feel comfortable, particularly in school setting, going to someone of authority within the school building for fear of being “seen” by the individual or individuals bullying them and the fear of retribution for “tattle tailing.”

It is because of these feelings of discomfort that LICAB will work to financially assist families and victims who are most in need of or would like to seek out third party professional assistance outside of a school environment but are restricted by financial or insurance situations subsidize their therapy.



School Assistance Programs

LICAB will help work with schools to subsidize or create their own internal anti-bullying programs as well as hold assemblies with speakers whom the target audience can relate to.


Often, victims of bullying find it easier to talk to someone they can relate to better than someone they consider to be an authority figure like a parent or school official.

LICAB will work to community create “hang out” nights and peer mentoring programs where individuals of varying ages can share experiences and coping solutions with one another in the hopes of building friendships as well as dealing with their individual problems.



In our ongoing efforts to engage youth in the topic of bullying, the youth ambassador program is an instrumental way of assisting youth with necessary leadership skills as well as the future development and implementation of LICAB’s ideas and services. The program will become the major outreach operation of LICAB’s by challenging and utilizing youth leadership to support and enhance coalition’s efforts to emphasize the importance of bully free communities on Long Island through education, increased awareness and therapeutic outlets.